Welcome to the MCSD Technology Department Website
Mifflin County School District has a fiber-optic Wide-Area-Network that connects all school buildings and maintenance buildings back to the Administration Building to deliver high speed internet for faculty and student use. Internet access is available in all classrooms and student usage of the internet is supervised. The internet service is filtered for administration, faculty and student use. The WAN also provides additional network services such as e-mail, Intranet Access, access to financial and student information systems along with many more software applications.

Existing Technology

Over 2400 Windows-based computers and laptops throughout the district. (a growth of nearly 900 computers and laptops in 5 years).

Wireless mobile laptops carts in all Elementary Schools, the Middle School, High School and coming this fall to the Junior High School.

Thirty computer labs are available throughout the district schools for computer education at all levels from K - 12.

 265 Smart Boards setups with speakers throughout the district.

All K-5 classrooms along with many in Special Ed, music and computer labs.

The Middle School, Junior High School, and High School have them in all main core classrooms along with many of the elective classrooms.

Plus an additional 70 LCD Projectors for use without Smart Boards.

Over 400 B&W and color laser printers, plotters and copiers are available for use throughout the district.

Student records management system to enhance attendance, scheduling, grading, enrollment and state reporting.

Parent and Student web-based portal to electronically access attendance, assignments, grades, discipline and communicate with teachers.

Introduced in January 2012, an alert messaging system to communicate emergencies to parents, students, faculty, staff and bus contractors through phone calls, texting and e-mail.

Development and maintenance of many internet and intranet web sites.

Extensive professional development for MCSD staff promotes true integration of educational technology on Smart Boards, Web 2.0 tools, Adobe and Microsoft products, Web page design along with many more software application professional development.

Plus several hundred other technologies like scanners, digital cameras, video cameras, flip video cameras, fax machines, document cameras, iPads and response units.

Examples of Technology use in the classroom

Huskies Television allows students to write and produce daily morning shows for a live news telecast for the morning announcements. 

Delivery of synchronous and asynchronous instruction of Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, German and Japanese World Languages through BlendedSchools.net's Language Institute at the high school.

Technology Education at the high school offers classes on Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) and added a 3D Resin printer last year for use with Auto Desks Inventor software.  The Visual Communications classroom uses the Adobe software along with a vinyl printer/cutter for making banners, t-shirts and a variety of other print media.   

Digital Citizenship along with Internet Safety and Cyber bullying are taught at all grade levels in computer class, regular classrooms, online and through special assemblies.

New Technologies

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for high school faculty and students through a separate filtered internet service.

E-mail accounts for high school students.

Use of Turn-It-In software for Junior High and High School students to turn in research papers for plagiarism and grammar validation.

This is the same product many top colleges and universities use.

Tech 4 Learning software in the K-7 grades to allow them to develop presentations and projects.

These are great software applications that promote collaboration and sharing.