James Estep

James A. Estep


Lindsay Gehman

Lindsay Gehman


Continuity Of Learning Plan

Areas Of Emphasis Within Mifflin County School District For The 2019-2020 School Year

For the 2019-2020 school year we will be starting the 14th year of emphasizing twelve traits of character. Each nine weeks concentrates on one such character trait. With the support of the Mifflin County School District Board we have established the traits we will emphasize.

School Year 2020-2021 [ Loyalty - Adaptability - Contemplation - Courage ]

Superintendent's Letter

Superintendent Evaluation

Mr. James Estep, Superintendent of the Mifflin County School District, has, according to the Board of Directors of the Mifflin County School District, met, exceeded or is making progress toward all six goals mutually agreed upon by Mr. Estep and the Board for the 2019-20 school year: Elementary, Secondary, Finance, Facilities, Business/Community Partnerships and Communication.

Administrative Values

1. High performing districts believe parents and students are their customers and expect high quality customer service within every level of the organization.

2. High performing districts have high expectations and believe that all children can learn. This is engrained in the district culture.

3. High performing districts collaboratively develop K-12 systems that support personalized learning and quality instruction.

It is our belief that responsible students grow up to be responsible adults. There are no secrets, but the students must practice some habits like: Setting goals, Planning their time, Studying every day, Taking notes in class, Keeping commitments, and Proper preparation.