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July 19, 2019

Day 0

Cycle Day 0

Character Traits

The following Twelve Traits of Character are emphasized to all students in the Mifflin County School District:

AdaptabilityBe ready and willing to adjust as necessary to the changes in people and circumstances that arise in daily life.
CompassionShow kindness and concern for others in distress by offering help whenever possible.
ContemplationThink things through with proper care before taking action.
CourageFace difficulty or danger and express your beliefs even if you are afraid.
HonestyBe truthful in all you do and never deceive, steal, or take advantage of the trust of others.
InitiativeTake responsible action on your own, without prompting from others.
LoyaltyShow others that you are faithful and dependable when you have a commitment to them.
OptimismStrive to be hopeful and positive in your beliefs about yourself, others, and the future.
PerseveranceContinue to work hard and persist toward the goal even when obstacles and difficulties arise.
RespectShow consideration and regard for yourself, others, and the world around you.
ResponsibilityDemonstrate that you consider yourself to be accountable for your actions and that you follow through on your commitments.
TrustworthinessShow others by your actions that you are reliable and believable and deserving of their confidence.

Character traits will be emphasized to all students in the Mifflin County School District in the following sequence:

School Year 2019-2020
Responsibility | Honesty | Respect | Optimism