Jennifer Mitchell

Schoolwide Coordinator of Curriculum and Professional Development

Michelle Siruc


Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development

Jennifer Mitchell is an experienced educational leader who has served in the role of teacher, instructional coach, building level principal and now central office administrator. Mrs. Mitchell knows firsthand the challenges schools face in providing high quality instruction for all learners, but embraces finding the solutions through collaboration with others utilizing the Multi-Tiered System of Supports framework for school improvement.


Curriculum is the heart of the learning environment in the Mifflin County School District. Curriculum is a written map that ensures students receive integrated coherent learning experiences that supports the whole child. The coordinator of curriculum oversees K-12 curriculum. A committee assists the coordinator in developing a plan and schedule to update curriculum regularly.

The Pennsylvania State Standards define what students should know and be able to do, which provides a framework for our curriculum work. From time to time, the state standards change and the district must adjust and change curriculum to be in alignment with these standards. Teams of teachers need to revise curriculum to keep instruction up to date and aligned for learners. Administrators and teachers also help select resources such as textbooks, technology, or other items the will be needed to support and teach the curriculum.

A curriculum review cycle aids the goal of keeping curriculum current every three to five years in subject areas. The school board reviews and approves any drafted curriculum before any instruction. This cooperative approach ensures the development of rigorous curricula for all students. Teachers plan daily lessons that reflect the written curriculum guidelines. Building level principals conduct teacher observations to make sure what is been taught is appropriate curriculum and instructional practices that are the most effective for student learning. Professional development assists staff in learning how to use the most effective practices.

The district currently utilizes an online platform called Chalk to develop digital maps.

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