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    Attention Students and Parents in grades 8-11:

    On Tuesday, February 26, MCHS/MCJHS will be holding Course Registration Night at 6:00 PM in the MCHS Auditorium followed by a Course Fair in the MCHS Commons. This event is open to all students in grades 8-11 along with their parents to learn about academic opportunities for next school year. The school guidance counselors from both the high school and junior high school will be discussing various topics such as course offerings and graduation requirements—there will also be representatives from the Academy and Alpha available to answer questions. At the conclusion of the presentation, students and parents will have the opportunity to meet with teachers from various departments in the Commons to discuss specific courses. These teachers will be happy to answer any questions that may arise. For additional information, please see your school guidance counselor.


  • Family Science Night
  • Replay It


    Want to see your photos in the yearbook? If so, download the free app Replayit on your smart phone or visit Replayit.com. Once you have downloaded the app or visited the site do the following:

    1. Type Mifflin County High School
    2. Enter the Password: Huskies

    You will need to register your name and email the first time but once you do that you can upload pictures and videos as often as you like. So your sports photos, prom pictures, Sprit Week pics or school event photos can now be uploaded to Replay it. You will be able to access the site anytime (even after the year is over) to look at the pictures and videos and we will even use them in the yearbook.
    The site is up and running so start sending us your pictures and videos!
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    Ticket Sales - Disney Beauty and The Beast

    Tickets can now be purchased at the doors one hour prior to the shows!




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