Residency with the comic book artist Dirk Schearer.

Each class was presented with a pre-written script (different script for each class). The students were assigned a panel (or sections) of the story and tasked with illustrating it. Dirk spoke with them about the art of visual storytelling, camera angles, symbolism, visual dynamics and how to keep the panels cohesive. Each student began with rough sketches of their panel and then, working with Dirk and the art teachers, refined their drawing and transferred them onto a board for painting. The final painted panels will be scanned and presented to the school on 3'x6' banners to be hung in the school. Dirk will be bringing the completed banners in for hanging the day of our art show on May 14. They will be on view around the commons area.

The residency was funded by the Perry County Council of the Arts.

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