MCHS Marching Band completes season

Posted on: November 7, 2023

The Mifflin County High School Marching Band completed their 2023 season at Hershey Park Stadium in Hershey, PA on Sunday night.  The band competed in the Tournament of Bands Group 3-Open Class Atlantic Coast Championship Series competition and finished 7th with a score of 91.70.  Band Director, Art Belfiore said, “the band had their best performance of the season in the biggest event of the year.  As we were warming up for the night I could tell they were ready and they delivered in a BIG way!”  MC was the smallest and youngest band on the field (marching 56 musicians and 7 Seventh graders).  None of that mattered as the band set another record with the highest placement at ACC’s in the history of Mifflin County.  The previous highest placement was 14th by the 2013 MCHS Band.  Beyond that the band met and exceeded both the staff and students goals for the year.

Belfiore went on to say, “We talk to the band about the difference between “winning” and finishing “first”.  After each performance I ask the band who had a good or their best/bad or worst performance of the year.  When we met after coming off the field every student, with the exception of one, said they had either a good or best performance.  That is how we define “winning”.  The band has gotten better each week of the season, and they have all grow to be better musicians, marchers, guard members and people.”

The band’s accomplishments this season speak for themselves: 

7th consecutive TOB Susquehanna Valley Region 4 Championship

2nd consecutive TOB PA State Championship

Highest placement, 7th, at TOB Group 3-Open Class Atlantic Coast Championship Series in the history of MCHS

And just in case you think the band and staff get a break, think again.  Belfiore said, “we will meet over the next week to plan next year’s show, and the Indoor Season begins this week!”

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