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Throughout a student's high school career, he or she will be faced with different tests that he or she will need to take.  Below is a list of tests Mifflin County Junior High School students will need to take during their time at MCJHS.  

Testing Schedule 2017-2018ALERT: Link to PDF Document


Testing Information



PSSA--Link for more information


PSSAs are state mandated tests that are given to all eighth graders at the junior high school.

Tests are given in English Language Arts, Math and Science.

These exams are scored using Advanced, Proficient, Basic and Below Basic indicators.

PSSA results are used to determine Mifflin County  Junior High’s Adequate Yearly Progress .

Tests are given in the spring of each year.  (See calendar for dates)

Keystone Exams--Link for More Information


Keystone Exams are state mandated tests that students will take upon completion of certain courses.   At the Junior High, tests are given at the completion of Algebra I and Biology I.

These exams as well as the literature exam are also given at the High School.  Keystone Exams in additional subject areas will be given in future years.  



These exams are scored using Advanced, Proficient, Basic, and Below Basic indicators.  If students score Basic or Below Basic, they are required to retake the test.  



Beginning with the class of 2019, Keystone Exams will be used in determining whether or not a student will graduate. 



Students will have the opportunity to take the Keystone Exams once per school year. (See Calendar for Dates)


Link for More Information:  GRADE (Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation) Exams


GRADE exams are mandated as part of the Keystones to Opportunity Grant (KtO) received by the Mifflin County School District. 


This grant focuses on developing a Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy program.

GRADE is given three times are year, September, January, and late Spring.  Each exam consists of 2 one hour paper/pencil assessment. 



 Results are scanned and information is returned to teachers and are used to develop literacy across the curriculum.


Link for More Information:  MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Exams


MAP is an online math and reading assessment for students.  It is given three times a year, September, January, and late Spring, and is comprised of a 45 minute Math assessment and a 45 minute Reading assessment.  Each time, results are immediately shown to the student and teachers.

These tests are used to help educators make informed decisions about what instructional programs or optimal strategies might be used to help kids learn.  In addition, MAP scores provide data for the MCSD KtO Grant.

Individual scores are posted on parent Access under the sidebar “Test Scores.”