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College Preparation by Grade Level


8th Grade


Students in 8th grade should work hard to earn good grades.  Grades earned in middle school classes help determine placement in 9th grade classes.


Good study habits and a positive work ethic should be established at this time before high school begins.


Getting involved in sports or activities is a good idea.  Maintaining continuous involvement in extracurricular activities is impressive on a college application. 

If a student is thinking about playing sports at a Division I or Division II college or university, he or she along with his or her parents should attend an NCAA Clearinghouse informational meeting.  This will give an idea of what students must do academically to be eligible to participate in sports at the next level. 


9th Grade


Students in 9th grade should work hard to earn good grades.  It is in 9th grade that calculation of one's GPA begins.  One low grade can drop a cumulative GPA and make it difficult to bring it up again.


Final grades of courses begin showing up on official transcripts in 9th grade. 

Students should begin thinking about which career field they may be interested in pursuing.  Knowing the career field one wants to enter may determine the types of and levels of classes taken in future years. 

Students should begin keeping a log of activities in which they participate.