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Parent Volunteer Manual

Role of the Volunteer

[Before You Begin] - [Hints for Working With Students]

Volunteers in the classroom can assist teachers in a variety of ways, thereby freeing the teacher to focus more time on the teaching/learning process.  An organized program of volunteer assistance can provide a unique contribution to the educational program by helping assume some of the many roles of the teacher.

Before You Begin


Volunteers should arrange to meet with the teacher before beginning as a classroom volunteer.  The first visit or two should be spent observing the classroom, getting to know the students and the style and routines of the teacher.  This will help the children to become familiar with you before you begin.

 The teacher is in charge of all phases of classroom activity and the volunteers will take directions from the teacher.  Your activities should support the efforts of staff members but not replace them or exceed their authority.

It is not in the best interest of the child to have a parent, grandparent, guardian, etc. volunteer in their childs classroom; therefore, volunteers will be utilized in classrooms other than those in which their children are enrolled.

 Try to match your interest, abilities and time availability with the school needs.  Contact the building principal for specific details regarding school need, requirements and scheduling options.

 Maintain good communication especially in the event of an absence or schedule change.  If you cannot fulfill your commitment for any period of time, please contact the school or classroom teacher as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made.

 Follow school and district procedures regarding signing in and out, wearing badges, using school materials and maintaining health/security standards.  Know emergency procedures for fire, illness, etc.

 Seek advice from those directly in charge, including teachers, secretaries, aides, or other school personnel who are trained and responsible for the tasks.  Maintain a spirit of partnership and cooperation with school staff.

Hints For Working With Students

  Be yourself. Warmth and friendliness foster volunteer-student relationships. Maintaining a sense of humor and comfort will help

ensure your success with young people.

    Always be consistent with specific rules and practices maintained by your staff partner. Also, be familiar with school and classroom

rules. Read parent or teacher handbook, if necessary.

   Maintain your position of responsibility and authority at all times.

Do not let friendships or neighborly relations interfere with your role as school volunteer.

   Learn student and teacher names quickly.

   Be aware of and sensitive to the unique gifts and needs of individual students. This is critical at all age levels.



Encourage and praise students when appropriate.


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