If a teacher comes to you for help about their gradebook, the best thing that you can instruct them to do is to follow the steps below. 


1. Use the “View Tutorial” link within their gradebook to seek help  (It appears in the top right portion of the screen next to the BACK button)

2. Look for one of the Skyward Trainers for help

3. Enter a Track-It!

Last Name First Name School
Gerwick Allison EDES
Holland Jackie IVES
Esh Jen IVIS
Knepp Barbara IVIS
Bell Erica LES
Ryan Jenna LES
Moon Steph LIS
Stimely Laura LIS
Bedford Kristen MCHS
Bell John MCHS
Scyoc Niki MCJH
Wagner Erica MCJH
Monsell Bret MCMS
Reese Lani MCMS
Powell Natalie SMES