Mifflin County Online

The Mifflin County School District recognizes the educational needs and learning styles of students are as unique and varied as its diverse population; consequently, a traditional “brick-and mortar” education may not meet the distinct needs of all students and their families. Acknowledging technology’s integral component in the educational process, the Mifflin County School District has established Mifflin County Online, an online learning option for students who reside within the Mifflin County School District.

For students who desire an online learning environment, Mifflin County Online offers a standards-based curriculum, accessible at all times, for students in kindergarten through grade twelve with Mifflin County educators serving as the instructors for the online program. Mifflin County Online is committed to providing students with a rigorous and relevant education while maintaining a sense of community and connection with the school district; our district online instructors will also provide face-to-face support and assistance as needed. Furthermore, Mifflin County Online is dedicated to providing an education that is personalized and customized for the exclusive needs of every student.

The Mifflin County School District has developed the following guidelines to ensure both the individual education of the student and the academic and financial integrity of the District are maintained. While impossible to anticipate every situation that may arise, the Mifflin County School District maintains its right to render decisions on an individual student basis within the philosophy and guidelines of the District and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Mifflin County Online Curriculum

For students in grades K-8, Mifflin County Online offers a blended learning model utilizing the K12 mastery-based curriculum which is aligned with state, Common Core, and iNACOL standards; this nationally-recognized curriculum is hosted through the online learning management system Blackboard. In addition, face-to-face instruction and support is provided by highly-qualified and state-certified Mifflin County educators. The classroom for the Mifflin County Online program is located at the Indian Valley Elementary Center located in Reedsville; however, instructional meetings can be arranged and held at any building within the school district.

For students in grades 9-12, curriculum will be provided through Lincoln Interactive.