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    1.      This past spring a new PSSA was administered in Pennsylvania’s classrooms, grades 3 through 8, in English Language Arts and Mathematics. This assessment was the first PSSA to be fully-aligned to the more rigorous PA Core Standards, which the State Board of Education adopted in fall 2013.  The PA Core Standards are intended to better prepare commonwealth students for college and career readiness when they graduate.

    2.      A decline in your student’s performance level does not indicate that he/she is learning less. Transitions take time, including curriculum development and resources, and the 2014-15 school year was only year one of the new assessment. It is not useful to directly compare students’ scores on the new assessment to students’ scores from previous assessments because they are aligned to different standards. The results on the 2015 test are a snapshot in time and will set a benchmark for future academic growth.

    3.      The process of developing new standards and scaling scores was undertaken with thoroughness and thoughtfulness by a committee of Pennsylvania educators. As students and teachers become more familiar with the new standards, and more resources are directed at transitioning to the new standards, students will experience steady academic growth.

    4.      Results on standardized tests are not the sole indicator of student achievement. Students have different strengths and flourish in different ways. It is important to evaluate students in a holistic manner, using a variety of performance measures.

    5.      You can help your child(ren) grow academically by reviewing their PSSA results with them and by continuing to encourage them to do their best in school.


    Written excuses for an absence must be submitted to the student’s homeroom teacher or the main office within three (3) school days from the last date of absence. Failure to do so will result in the absence(s) being recorded as unlawful.
  • Family


    Recently your child brought home information about the Strengthening Families Program. The program is intended for you and your 6th or 7th grade child to attend together. The program meets seven consecutive Thursdays beginning April 11th.
    The Strengthening Families Program is a parent, youth, and family skills-building curriculum designed to prevent teen substance abuse and other behavior problems, strengthen parenting skills, and build family strengths.
    Free dinner is served at 5:30. Free sibling child care is also provided. At 6:00 youth meet with youth program leaders and their peers, while parents meet with a program leader and their peers. At 7:15 youth and parents get back together and practice skills together and play fun family games. To register for this free program or learn more about it, you can return the form to your child's homeroom teacher. If your child did not bring the packet home you may call the project office at 814-867-3677 or email Mary Ann Demi at mad180@psu.edu to register or learn more about the program

    GIANT wants to help you make A+ School Rewards a success!
    Critical to the success of your school's program is the number of designations you establish. As you remind parents to designate, you may also encourage them to recruit family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to support your school with their designation.

    MCMS is continuing to collect Box Tops for education. Please send in box tops with your student. Box Tops should be turned in to homeroom teachers.

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