MCJH Leaders of the Pack

Mifflin County Junior High School selects a male and female Leader of the Pack from both the 8th and 9th grade classes making a total of 4 students honored each month starting in October and ending in May.  The selection process is identical to that for the Student of the Month. However, the criteria for the Leader of the Pack are a little different:

*  These students also exhibit the twelve traits of character and put forth effort, but due to other commitments, they may not be able to be involved in extracurricular activities, which is a necessity to be selected as student of the month.  Or, they may have some difficulty in the classroom but they give 110% every day to their academic work.  Often, we choose a Leader of the Pack who was seen standing up to bullying or helping out someone in need regardless of their grades or involvement in school activities.  At other times, Leader of the Pack winners would have been selected as students of the month if only they had time to be involved in extracurricular activities at the school.  In short, the Leaders of the Pack are great kids and contribute to the junior high.  They may not meet all of the criteria to be students of the month, but they are truly Leaders of the Pack and deserve to be recognized! 

*  All student nominees complete an online biographical questionnaire:

            8th Grade Female Leader of the Pack Bio

            8th Grade Male Leader of the Pack Bio

            9th Grade Female Leader of the Pack Bio

            9th Grade Male Leader of the Pack Bio

*  Bio questionnaires must be completed by the due date listed on their written notification to be in the running to win.

*  If a student has been nominated before but has not been selected, he or she is still in the running each month.  There is no need to fill out a new bio questionnaire.

*  A committee, open to any interested teacher, meets to review the bio papers and select the 4 leaders of the pack.

*  Students get their pictures taken to appear in the Lewistown Sentinel and to be recognized within the Mifflin County Junior High School.




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