On Friday, October 16, author Debbie Reece visited LES. She came all the way from Texas to present two programs to our students (Head Start, K, and 1/2-3)! Debbie has written two children's books to date. Her first book, titled The Christmas Pumpkin, is about a boy who chooses a green pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. Later, he finds out what this pumpkin can do for Christmas. In Ms. Reece's newest book, titled The Worst Day Ever, James learns there will always be someone to hug and love him no matter how bad his day is. Ms. Reece spoke to our students about the writing process, writing about actual events from our daily lives, and several character traits. At the conclusion of her program, Ms. Reece presented a check for $130.00 to LES to go towards the purchase of literacy materials. She also donated a hard cover copy of each of her books to our library.
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