Resource List


Via Mifflin Juniata Human Services Department


  • Energy Bank (after November 1)       248-9636
  • Citizen’s Energy (after January 1)      1-877-563-4645
  • LIHEAP (low income only)               MC      248-6746        

                                                                        JC        436-2158

Caution them to turn thermostat down to 64 or below to conserve heat, layer clothing.  If all else fails, they can go to the Homeless Shelter (248-0102).

Rental Assistance

  • Human Services office TEMPORARY          242-5452

Only if eviction notice in hand and landlord willing to work to keep tenant currently housed – no longer will pay for new unit security deposits


  • Human Services office TEMPORARY          242-5452

Can only pay up to $500 NO ONE will pay the large bills that folks accumulate.  They must call the electric company and work out a payment plan.  If they have already “burned that bridge” then they should look at moving in with someone.  They cannot escape this bill; it WILL follow them.

Rental issues (landlord won’t fix something, health concerns, etc.)

  • Mid Penn Legal          248-3099 or 1-800-326-9177

Health issues

  • State Health Center (still offering services to MC residents as well, need to call JC number)       527-4185
  • Pinnacle Health Healthy Homes Program(can help with issues of bedbugs, mold, and other safety issues)  1-800-374-7114  (you will have to give them the name, address and phone # of the home you are referring)
  • Drug/Alcohol  Tri Co DA (for screenings)     242-1446
  • Clear Concepts Counseling (counseling)        242-1446
  • Dental Clinic                                                   447-1898
  • Primary Health Network (will accept uninsured)  447-0340

Food issues

  •  Food Pantries – call HS Dept at 242-5452 for a listing
  • WIC – 248-5311
  • Food Stamps at the CAO       MC 248-6746

JC 436-2158