Federal Programs in the Mifflin County School District

The Federal Programs Office is responsible for Title I, Title II and Title III programs as well as state and federal grants. The Coordinator of Federal Programs, Mr. Frank W. Miller, supervises Federal Programs staff, writes and supervises state and federal grants, and develops program budgets

Title I, Title II, and Title III are the largest federally-funded programs in the nation and provide the district with annual funding to raise achievement. The district will receive approximately $2,419,368 in funding for the 2016-2017 school year.

Title I currently serves all four K-3 elementary schools within the Mifflin County School District: East Derry Elementary, Indian Valley Elementary, Lewistown Elementary, and Strodes Mills Elementary. Title I funds also serve students at Sacred Heart School, Belleville Mennonite School, and Mifflin County Christian Academy. The Title I program employs both reading specialists and math teachers who provide supplemental instruction to academically needy students in Language Arts and Mathematics as determined by each school's schoolwide plan.

The Title II program (staff development and class size reduction) is integrated with Title I to provide comprehensive, ongoing staff development driven by an annual professional development needs assessment survey. Title II funds also support five class size reduction teachers at the primary level in the Mifflin County School District.

The Title III (ESL) program desires to provide a program for each student whose dominant language is not English for the purpose of facilitating student achievement in English proficiency and the academic standards. This shall include appropriate placement in an English as a Second Language program tailored to meet the needs of the English Language Learner (ELL) and that enables him/her to be successful in the mainstream classroom, the school environment, and the community at large. All students in the MCSD who 1) first acquired a language other than English; 2) live in a home where a language other than English is the dominant language; or 3) speak a language other than English can be eligible for ESL services. Instruction will take place in the ESL classroom, content classes, and/or pull out/push in instruction for ESL students in grades K-12. Educational practices for ESL students mirror approaches used throughout the district in the mainstream classroom. The ESL program provides intensive instruction of the English language. All instruction is conducted in English, and students are grouped according to language needs when possible, as well as appropriate grade levels.

Title programs are designed to enhance student learning, improve instruction and to create safe and supportive schools. We welcome your input and insight into our programming. Please do not hesitate to contact our office.


How schools qualify for Title I service in Mifflin County School District

The Title I program was established by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESSA) of 1965, and its purpose is to provide supplemental services to children in schools that have a greater than normal percentage of economically disadvantaged students. School eligibility is established during the preceding school year. School eligibility is based on the poverty level in a school’s attendance area. If the percentage of economically disadvantaged students in a school is 35% or more, the school becomes eligible to offer Title I services.  When a school becomes eligible, students who lack proficiency in reading and/or math are eligible for services. Schools with 40% or more economically disadvantaged students can qualify to operate schoolwide programs.

The Schoolwide Title I programs offered in our K-3 buildings offer comprehensive programming to assist all students in meeting grade level reading and mathematics expectations. Supplemental instruction is provided to academically needy students in reading and mathematics as determined by each school’s schoolwide plan.  Teachers, principals, parents, families, Title I Coordinator of Schoolwide Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development and the Federal Programs Coordinator work as a team at each school to review the needs of students at the school and annually update the Schoolwide plans so that the school can accomplish its mission of ensuring that all students meet grade level goals in reading and mathematics.