Technology Education Curriculum
Note: Our curriculum is under constant revision and what is posted here may NOT be the most current revision. Please contact your child's school if you would like the most current information.
Course Grade Level
Tech. Ed. in Grade 7 7  Open PDF
Tech. Ed. in Grade 8 8  Open PDF
Advanced Structures and Design 10,11,12  Open PDF
Computer Aided Drafting 10,11,12  Open PDF
Drafting Technology I 10,11,12 Open PDF
Exploring Drafting 9 Open PDF
Exploring Technology 9  Open PDF
Exploring Visual Communications 9  Open PDF
Introduction to Technology I 10,11,12  Open PDF
Introduction to Technology II 10,11,12 Open PDF
Visual Communication Technology I 9  Open PDF
Visual Communication Technology II 10,11,12 Open PDF
Wood I 10,11,12 Open PDF
Wood II 11,12  Open PDF
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