Business Education
 Note: Our curriculum is under constant revision and what is posted here may NOT be the most current revision. Please contact your child's school if you would like the most current information.

Course Grade Level
Accounting I 10,11,12  
Accounting II 11,12  
Business and Personal Law 10,11,12  
Business English 12  
Business Ownership 10,11,12  
Computer Literacy 11,12  
Computer Science 8  
Introduction to Business 9,10,11,12  
Investing 11,12  
Legal and Medical Terminology 10,11,12  
Marketing 10,11,12  
Microsoft Office Applications I 9,10,11,12  
Microsoft Office Applications II 10,11,12  
Microsoft Office Applications III 11,12  
Personal Financial Management 9,10,11,12  
Workforce Preparation 9,10,11,12  
Business Internship Program 12  
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