SMARTBoard Resources

Lesson Resources:

  • Harvey's Homepage
  • SMART Exchange is a free resource center and community network that provides a wealth of resources for technology-enabled learning. Exchange ideas and find the information you are looking for, including recent research, best practices, success stories and daily tools.
  • SMART Notebook Express allows you to create notebook files anywhere without having any notebook software loaded on your computer. They can be saved and reopened to continue working on them. Files and pages can be created by adding text or using the pen tool. The Gallery, Fill Effects and Attachment tab are not available in this online version. This is a beta version so SMART is continuously making upgrades to the site.
  • Engaging Learners the SMART Board Way
    This site has many resources for all subjects and grade levels and lots of interactive sites to use.
  • Teachers Love SMART Boards
  • SMART Technology Sites 

Training Guides:

  • The online Training Center features downloadable reference guides and step by step practice activities. The Live Online Training sessions are 30- to 90-minute computer and telephone conferences that offer a quick, no-cost overview of the basics of working with SMART products. Each session is led by a SMART trainer who uses SMART products every day. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions.
Interactive Websites: