Price List - Secondary Snacks - Ala Carte


    Snack List


    Beef Stick- 1.00

    Jack Links Beef Jerky- 1.75

    Cookies - .60

    Frito Lay Chips/ Chex Mix- .75

    Small bag Frito Lay Chips/ Munchies Chips- .65

    Goldfish Crackers- .50

    Rice Krispie Treat- .75

    Fruit Snacks- .75

    Fruit Roll-ups- .75

    Kind granola bars- 1.25


    Snack Frozen Dessert List


    .70 Ice Cream

    Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

    Dessert Cups

    Seasonal Dessert Cups

    Scooter Crunches

    Orange Blossom Bar

    Rush Cups

    Polar Blast Fruit Punch Bar

    Fudge-O Bar

    Flavored Sherbert


    1.00  Novelties Ice Cream

    Twister Cups

    Ice Cream Cones (All Different Flavors)

    Ice Cream Sandwich (mint, vanilla, cookies and cream)


    Snack Beverage List


    Aqua Fina Water/ Flavored Waters- 1.50

    Bubbly Water - 1.75

    Epic Sparkling Juice- 1.50

    G-2 Gatorade- 1.50

    Kickstart- 1.75

    Naked 100% Fruit Juices- 2.00

    Nestea Diet Teas- 1.75

    Propel/ Life Waters- 1.75

    Sparkling Ice Drink- 1.75

    Switch Sparkling Juice- 1.50

    V-8 Fusion 100% Juice- 1.50

    Starbucks Iced Coffee - 2.25







    *Prices are Subject to Change


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