Lunch Ala Carte Prices

    2.20 Main Entrees

    (4) Chicken Tenders w/ Dinner Roll

    Macho Nacho Plate

    Hot Turkey Gravy over Whipped potatoes

    Hot Turkey Gravy over Biscuit

    D.I.Y Walking Taco

    Popcorn Chicken Bowl

    Spaghetti Meat Sauce w/ Bread Stick

    Dipper Day


    (3)French Toast Sticks w/ Sausage

    (2)Pancakes w/ Sausage

    Ravioli w/ Bread Stick

    Stuffed Shells w/ Bread Stick

    Lasagna w/ Bread Stick

    (20) Shrimp Poppers, 3oz Mac & Cheese

    (5)Chicken nuggets w/ Roll

    (12) Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll

    Rotini & Meat Sauce w/ Bread Stick

    Salisbury Steak w/ whipped potatoes



    2.10 Premium Sandwich

    Bacon Burger

    Western Burger



    Cheese Steak Sandwich

    Breaded Plain or Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    Grilled Chicken Sandwich

    Meatball Sandwich

    BBQ Rib Sandwich

    Fish on Long Roll

    Large PB & Jelly Jamwich


    Turkey Wrap

    Croissant Breakfast Sandwich (Egg, Cheese, Breakfast Meat)

    Husky Melt

    Hot Ham and Cheese





    2.00  Sandwich

    Hot Dog

    Lg. Corn Dog

    (6) Mini Corn Dogs

    Toasted Cheese

    Deli Sandwich

    (3) Chicken Tenders w/ Roll

    Croissant Breakfast Sandwich w/ Egg, Cheese, and Breakfast Meat

    Deli Salad Sandwiches


    1.00 Sandwich

    Small PB&J Jamwich
    Side mac and cheese



    2.00 Pizza

    All Pizza Slices

    (4) Pizza Crunchers

    (2) Maxi Sticks



    .60 Sides

    ½ cup Fruit Serving

    ½ cup Vegetable Serving

    ½ cup Small Side Salad

    Desserts, or priced as marked


    1.40 Soup of the Day


    2.00 Entrée Salad (no bread, fruit, dessert included)


    .30 Dinner roll, 2 slices of bread, bread stick, or 2 pk Saltines


    .55 Milk (All Flavors)


     *Prices are Subject to Change

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