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  •          Mifflin County School District is an independent local school district, K-12, with 5 elementary schools, 2 intermediate schools, 1 middle school, 1 junior high school, and 1 high school. The Mifflin County School District encompasses 362.3 square miles which is all of Mifflin County except Wayne Township. The district has a current enrollment of approximately 5,436 students (Elementary 1,578, Intermediate 830, Middle 890, Junior High 866, and High School 1,272.) Current expenditures for the year are estimated to be $63 million or about $11,589 per pupil which is high compared with the rest of the nation.

             In our 5 elementary schools and 2 intermediate schools, in addition to a strong academic and a high ranking with the State Department of Education in Technology, we offer Art, Music, and Physical Education, all with certified teachers. In addition, opportunities are provided in Enrichment Programs, Tutorial Program, Field Trips, and Title I services. Other opportunities include Intramural Sports, parent involvement organizations, Even Start, Head Start. Pennsylvania State Testing is given in Grades 3, 4, and 5. Overall our elementary and intermediate students perform well in state assessments.

             In our middle and junior high schools, the Pennsylvania State Testing is given in Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9, with many students scoring above the State Average. All of our schools have Computer Labs and are ranked high in Technology. In addition to the regular academic program, opportunities are provided in Art, Music, Library, Enrichment and Tutorial Programs, Industrial Arts, Technology and Family and Consumer Science. Opportunities also exist in Interscholastic Athletics, Intramurals, Band, Chorus, Parent Organizations, and Business Partnerships.

             In our high school, Grades 10-12, approximately 62% seek post-secondary degrees upon graduation, approximately 6% enter the armed forces, and approximately 33% enter the workforce. The Pennsylvania State Tests are given in grade 11 in Mathematics and Reading. The students have been scoring at the State Average and above the National Average in SAT tests. In addition to the standard curriculum, students are provided the opportunity for: Extensive Technology and Media opportunities, Advanced Placement Courses, Art, Music, Drama, School-to-Work, Enrichment, Distance Learning, Dual Enrollment, Foreign Language, and Career Exploration. Opportunities are also provided in Interscholastic Sports, numerous clubs, Band, Chorus, parent involvement, community service, and vocational programs ranging from Agriculture to various trades and industry.

             The Mifflin County School District employs a total of 614 people, 400 employees are full time teachers and administrators, 214 are full-time and part-time non-instructional staff. The Mifflin County School District physical plant includes 10 schools, one administration building and two maintenance buildings. The physical plant consists of 958,550 square feet of building space and encompasses 234.90 acres of land. The district also has 25 athletic fields totaling approximately 191.5 acres.

             The Mifflin County School District transports to and from school approximately 5,100 students daily of which 4,800 are Mifflin County School District students and 300 are non-public students. Students are transported by approximately 100 contracted vehicles. In total, student transportation vehicles travel approximately 1.3 million miles per year.

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