Introducing the “MCSD Wellness Cup

The MCSD Wellness Cup challenge is for all MCSD & Academy employees.

Teams are as follows:

1.     LES & East Derry

2.     IVEC

3.     LIS & SMES

4.     MCMS

5.     MCJHS & Alpha

6.     MCHS & Alpha

7.     Admin/Academy/Maint Dept

Each team is responsible for getting recruiting employees to participate in each event.  Scoring will be like golf – low is better!  If a building fails to provide a team for an event they will receive 15 points for the event.  Events will be held at MCMS starting at 6 P.M.  Specific dates and details are listed with each event.  Please read the attached document for information and rules.  If you have any questions let me know. Events start on April 27 so starting arranging your teams now!

Wellness Cup Rules and Scoring System

Wellness Monthly Challenges

Wellness ActivIty Tracker

Bonus points for January:

1.           If you joined a gym or fitness center in January – 3 points

2.           If you shoveled snow in January – 3 points per occurrence

3.           If you had a wellness checkup/physical in January – 3 points


Bonus points for February:

1.           If you went sledding  – 3 points per occurrence

2.           If you went roller skating – 3 points

3.           If you joined a Relay for Life team – 3 points

4.           If you stopped smoking – 10 points

5.           If you did something fun with a loved one for Valentine’s Day – 3 points

6.           If you had your blood pressure checked – 3 points

7.           If you had a dental exam – 3 points


March Wellness Bonus Points:

1.           Eat a green vegetable one time per day for one week – 5 pts

2.           Get 8 hours of sleep – 1 point for each occurrence

3.           Volunteer with a local organization – 2 pts for each occurrence

4.           Kick a bad habit – 5 pts

5.           Wear green on March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) – 1 point


April bonus points:

1.           Start a fitness routine w/ a buddy – 5 pts

2.           Take a family picture and submit it to me for the wellness website – 2 pts

3.           If you coach a sports team (any age or season) – 3 pts

Stay tuned for more April bonus points later this month…